Jacques Martin "kill" by Cecilia: an ex of the host makes an unexpected confidence …

This Saturday, May 7, on C8, Matthieu Delormeau received the 79-year-old actress Danièle Evenou, on the set of TPMP People. And the latter made revelations about Cécilia Attias (formerly married to Jacques Martin, then to Nicolas Sarkozy).


Danièle Evenou being the mother of two (Frédéric and Jean-Baptiste) of the eight children of the host of “fan school“, she confided what he had felt when he discovered Cécilia’s affair with Nicolas Sarkozy. It must be said that the latter was a close friend of Jacques Martin, to the point where he had celebrated his marriage, in August 1984, at the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine From this union were born two daughters, Judith and Jeanne-Marie.

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Finally, 10 years later Nicolas Sarkozy had started a love affair with the mother of the little ones. And it didn’t take long for Marie-Dominique Culioli, the mother of Pierre and Jean, to surprise them in bed together during a stay in the mountains… It was only then that Jacques Martin known. And he took it very badly, to the point of having suicidal thoughts.

“That killed him”

Danièle Evenou also assures that he was less angry with Cécilia than with Nicolas for this betrayal. “He said to me one day ‘you see Danièle, it is better to be cuckolded in love than in friendship’. That killed him”she explained this Saturday on television.

The Sarkozys married in 1996 in Neuilly, before having a son, Louis, in 1997. Ten years later, they separated. Cécilia is now the wife of Richard Attias, and Nicolas is with Carla Bruni.


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