Jacob Riising reveals: Makes good money on ‘Amigo’ song – thanks to little trick

A special part of the children’s program ‘Amigo’ has almost achieved cult status since the program was broadcast on DR1 in 2004.

That was revealed by the then host of ‘Amigo’ Jacob Riising, when he visited BT’s podcast ‘All Away’ on Tuesday with the hosts Anders Hemmingsen and Emma Wittendorff.

Here a listener had entered because he was ‘in an emergency’ and needed a recording of ‘The Farewell Song’ from ‘Amigo’.

The listener did not state why it was so important to get hold of the song, which apparently is not to be dusted off anywhere. But to ‘All the Way’, Jacob Riising says that this is certainly not the first time he has been contacted about the song.

‘Because there are even more people holding theme parties where they have to use the’ Amigo ‘song. I choose to see it as if it is something cool, that it is not one diss (an insult, ed.), ”he says.

In ‘Amigo’, the participating children competed against each other in teams, and when a team lost a challenge, it had to leave the competition under extremely dramatic conditions.

It happened to the gloomy and now legendary ‘Farewell Song’, where Jacob Risiing and the remaining participants sang a sad tribute to the losers, who were instructed to cry while the waves were sung out of the studio.

‘Hold B, now we say goodbye / You were otherwise quite intellectual / we will see and come home well / we will miss them,’ was the text, which Jacob Riising agreed to sing over a phone in ‘All the way’ the podcast in honor of the listener.

Incidentally, he can – to others who need it for a theme party – state that it goes on the chords C minor and F minor.

Incidentally, the song became a pretty good deal, Jacob Riising can finally remark – so ‘all the license critics can get up in the red box’, as he says.

When you play a song in a TV program, the songwriters get paid so-called Koda money.

“And the insane thing was that there was new text every now and then, and then it was registered as a whole new number. So it might actually pay off to write it banger financially, ”he says.

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