Jackie Chan: all the bones he has broken throughout his career

Jackie Chan is one of the Chinese stars who has consolidated his artistic career in Hollywood, gaining worldwide recognition. The man born on April 7 in Hong Kong is not only an incredible actor, but he also stands out in martial arts, so he has not needed a double to personify action scenes in the projects he has participated in, in fact, he she is an acrobat

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The extensive experience he has as a martial artist has led him to occupy the position of coordinator of stunt doubles, participating in or attending more than 25 films before his 20th birthday. Currently, Jackie has nearly six decades of film experience, most of which includes fight scenes.

But despite being a stuntman, that hasn’t stopped the actor from facing a few accidents and getting injured, from head to toe.

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Jackie Chan in the movie “New Police Story” (Photo: Facebook)


Jackie Chan, who received an Oscar in 2016, has been at risk on more than one occasion. In all, he has had about 20 serious injuries dating back to the start of his career. In 2012, in order to promoteIn Japan, a poster was released specifying all the broken bones of the 68-year-old actor.

broken nose

Chan has broken his nose on more than one occasion while filming movies like “The Young Master”, “Project A”, “Miracles” and “Mr. NiceGuy”. In the tape “Drunk Teacher” of 1978, the superciliary arch, bone of the eyebrow, was damaged, which was close to causing blindness.

missing teeth

The actor lost some teeth in movies like “The style of the snake” and “The Shaolin crane”. Meanwhile in “Dragon Lord”from 1982, he injured his lower chin and in Police Story 4: First Strike he lacerated his lip.

In total, Chan has had about 20 serious injuries (Photo: Jackie Chan / Instagram)
In total, Chan has had about 20 serious injuries (Photo: Jackie Chan / Instagram)

Fracture of the skull and sternum

Due to a fall from a 25 meter high tower on the set of “Project A”, 1983, Jackie has cervical damage. He has also dislocated his right shoulder and rotated his sternum, the latter taking place during the recording of the tape “Armor of God II: Operation Condor”.

Other broken bones of Jackie Chan

  • Cheek Bone Dislocation in “Police Story 3: Super Cop”
  • Spinal damage from falling off a pole and pelvic dislocation in “Police Story”
  • Tailbone damage causing temporary partial paralysis in “The Accidental Spy”
  • Thigh wound caused by being trapped between two cars in “Crime Story”
  • Broken ankles in “Rumble in The Bronx” and “Thunderbolt”
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