jackass forever

(Jackass 4)

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Johnny Knoxville

Chris Pontius

Wee Man

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Jonah Pinson

Direction: Jeff Tremaine

Gender: Documentary, Comedy

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Duration: – min.

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Budget: US$ — millions

Debut: February 3, 2022


Celebrating the joy of being back with their best friends and a straight shot at the low parts, the original cast of Jackass returns for another round of hilarious, wild, absurd and often dangerous comedy, aided by new entrants in cast.


” According to TMZ, Bam Margera is processing the Paramount Pictures, Johnny Knoxville and the team behind ‘jackass forever‘ because of his resignation from the project in February. The actor claimed he was fired after testing positive for Adderall, which violates the terms of a “welfare agreement” he signed with the producers, refusing to go into rehab that was imposed by the actor. Knoxville. In the process, Margera reinforces that he was unfairly fired and seeks compensation for the “inhuman, abusive and discriminatory treatment” he received from the film’s crew.

» This will be the first film in the franchise without Ryan Dunn, killed in a car accident. But the group decided to make the new film as a tribute to their friend;

» The franchise originated in 2000 with the MTV series, which ran for three seasons and was a huge success for the channel and its cast, and ended after the third season due to financial and creative conflicts between the channel and its stars;




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