Jackass Forever: Johnny Knoxville looks back on the most serious injury of his career

Actor and stuntman Johnny Knoxville is back on the worst injury of his career, which occurred while filming the new movie “Jackass Forever”. A very energetic encounter with a bull, to say the least, and an injury that sent him the signal that maybe it was time to stop …

Johnny Knoxville, twenty years of stunts

Between 2000 and 2002, for three seasons and twenty-five episodes broadcast on the MTV channel, Johnny Knoxville made himself world famous by inventing masochistic stunts and hoaxes. He and his gang made millions of viewers laugh and worry. And also gave some bad ideas to some who reproduced at their own risk the dangerous actions of the famous show. It is mainly for this reason that the show stops in 2002, but the band of Jackass then finds refuge in the cinema with a first film the same year: Jackass, the movie. $ 5 million budget for a global box office of 79.5 million revenue, largely sufficient performance to continue producing other films and documentaries on the phenomenon Jackass, until this new movie: Jackass Forever, in American theaters early February 2022.

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Jackass, the movie ©Paramount Pictures

The bull too many

During an interview given to Variety, Johnny Knoxville thus recounted that he had suffered a serious injury on the set of this new movie. An obviously very risky stunt with a bull, where without too much surprise the bull won. Without departing from his humor and his legendary smile, the actor and stuntman says he wanted to “do a magic trick on the bull”. We see the result very briefly in the first few seconds of the video below.

Appraisal: loss of consciousness, a broken wrist, a broken rib, and above all concussion and brain hemorrhage. If throughout his career Johnny Knoxville hurt himself everywhere, starting the story of Jackass by testing self-defense accessories (pepper spray, taser, etc.) on himself, he affirms that this cerebral hemorrhage – as far as he remembers it – is indeed the first. An injury from which he suffered sequelae for many months, a period during which he was followed by a neurologist and received magnetic treatment.

The wound too much? It sounds like it. Now a father and having reached the canonical age of 50, he made the decision to stop living so dangerously. Yes Jackass Forever may not be the last production in the franchise Jackass, it is most certainly the last appearance of Johnny Knoxville in his role as leader of America’s craziest stunt band. And if in this new film the team welcomes new members, younger and more novice, it is a sign that it is indeed time for the old ones to settle down …

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