J-Hope was confused when he found out that everyone wanted to kiss him on New Years

BTS’s J-Hope greeted 2023 in Times Square. After giving an amazing stage performance, the idol joined the crowd to wait for the countdown to ring in the New Year. However, while being interviewed one sentence in particular caused him to have the funniest confused reaction of all.

jhope BTS had the best start to the year in New York, after an iconic performance at times square. In addition to that, he lived with different celebrities who made him have funny reactions to your comments.

BTS’s J-Hope celebrated the New Year in New York. // Source: Instagram @uarmyhope

If you missed the participation of jhope During the New York Ball Drop, you probably didn’t see the amusing reaction he had when one of the hosts at the event mentioned that everyone wanted to kiss him. Do you want to see her reaction?

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J-Hope had a hilarious reaction to hearing that everyone wanted to kiss him on New Years

Shortly after the start of 2023 in New York, J-Hope had a special scene with host Liza Koshy. And while they were talking, her reaction made ARMY laugh a lot.

As Liza talked about the celebrations of New Year He said a phrase that caught J-Hope off guard. The comedian and influencer mentioned: Speaking of someone everyone wants to kiss… jhope. However, J-Hope was very surprised to hear his name next to the phrase kissbecause he made a face of disbelief with his face that made ARMY laugh.

Although almost instantly she returned to her relaxed expression as she talked about how she was having a New Year’s Eve, her reaction It did not go unnoticed by her fans, who did not stop laughing when they saw her.

  • BTS’s J-Hope reacting to the comment that everyone wants to kiss him. // Source: Twitter @verritaee

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The Times Square New Year’s Eve show had a J-Hope show before midnight

Shortly before midnight in New York, BTS’s J-Hope took the stage to perform several of his hits. With a performance of approximately five minutes, the idol sang a remix of his hits Equal Sign, Chicken Noodle Soup and Butter. Not even the rain stopped him from giving a presentation full of energy and magic.

In other news, did you hear that J-Hope received a special call from Jin before his performance in New York?

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