J-Hope supported TXT’s comeback with a sweet message on Instagram

The groups under the Big Hit label are very close to each other and never hesitate to show their support in each of the projects of their company partners. For that reason, it didn’t take long for J-Hope to promote the new MV for his TXT dongsaengs.

J Hope from bts He is an excellent hyung with his company colleagues. Especially for members of TXT of whom he has not hesitated to be a mentor and adviser from time to time. Likewise, he takes pride in each of his achievements, such as his most recent comeback, which he promoted on Instagram.

J-Hope is very supportive of his company partners. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

For BTS fans, the interactions between the group and their company partners are always charming. Well, they are proud of the great relationship and humility that the members of their group have towards their dongsaengs.

For this reason, J-Hope’s most recent interaction in relation to TXT moved both ARMY and MOA, who have not stopped appreciating J-Hope’s affection and appreciation for TXT. What did the idol do?

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J-Hope shared TXT’s Good Boy Gone Bad with a sweet message

Through his personal Instagram account, J-Hope was quick to promote the new MV for TXT, his company colleagues and ‘younger brothers’. The BTS idol shared a story with part of the group’s new MV.

In the history that J-Hope shared you can see a scene from Good Boy Gone Bad, the new single from TXT. Similarly, you can see the message ‘Find strength, dongsaengs’ and an emoji of a thumbs up in approval mode. Labeling the official TXT account in the same way. You can see his story here:

  • J-Hope’s Instagram story about TXT. // Source: Twitter @soob304

Similarly, TXT’s Taehyun confessed that he has kept in touch with Hoseok and that the BTS member has been very nice and warm with him through messages, for which he is very grateful. Without a doubt, J-Hope takes the award for best hyung.

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TXT recently premiered Good Boy Gone Bad, the main title of Thursday’s Child

Good Boy Gone Bad is TXT’s new title track from their album ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’. With a powerful and rebellious song, the group returns with a completely opposite concept to the first installment of Minisode: ‘Minisode 1: Blue Hour’. You can see their new MV here:

In other news, BTS excited their fans with the tracklist of the third album that will include the album Proof, have you seen the tracklist?

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