J-Hope has a special meme that each concert evolves

One of the funniest members of BTS is J-Hope. The idol doesn’t just seek to make his fellow members and fans laugh every chance he gets. It can also lead to being very funny without intending it and the memes when he says wow are the clear example of this.

J Hope of bts always finds a way to amuse and make ARMY happy. Especially when he makes hilarious expressions that have the fandom cracking up. And without a doubt, ARMY’s favorite meme is wow.

J-Hope saying Wow. // Source: Twitter @gabri_ing

For ARMY, J-Hope is like a sun that always goes around brightening people’s days with his funny occurrences. In addition to being one of the members who makes his fellow BTS laugh the most. Without a doubt, everyone has a great affection for the singer.

In addition to being funny, J-Hope is very talented, to the point that he will become the first South Korean to be the headlining act at the Lollapalooza Festival, where he will perform his solo hits like Chicken Noodle Soup and Daydream.

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How did J-Hope’s WOW meme come about? The story behind his funny expression

The first time the expression of Wow became J-Hope’s favorite meme was when on a variety show after sinking in a pool he came out completely soaked and looking at the camera as seriously as possible said ‘wow’.

This expression amused ARMY so much that they soon made a meme with J-Hope drenched saying wow. But the evolution continued when a fan decided to print this photograph to take to a concert.

To the surprise of the fan, J-Hope saw the poster and his reaction gave birth to another new wow meme, because as soon as he saw his drenched face he opened his mouth in surprise creating the new wow meme.

Since then, ARMYs keep bringing the new wow expression to concerts trying to recreate the funny scene and have J-Hope give fans a new wow expression for the next concert. You can see the evolution here:

  • Compilation of times J-Hope has said wow. // Source: TikTok @hobi_jhope_

The BTS group has also inadvertently recreated famous memes and their results have ARMYs with stomach aches from laughter.

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