Iza becomes a Barbie doll on Black Consciousness Day. Photos!

Iza advises the audience: ‘Be you, you are awesome!’

The singer continued, remembering the invisibility of black people not only in relation to dolls, but also in other environments, especially when she was younger. “Sometimes, when we don’t see each other in places, it’s very difficult for us to think that our dream is possible“, evaluated.

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“It’s a bit cliché, we listen a lot, but I think it’s one of the greatest truths I’ve ever heard. It’s being you, only you can tell your story”, continued the singer, who has a collection of laces and is a reference when it comes to swimwear.

Iza gets carried away by Barbie’s resemblance to herself: ‘Too similar’

In the sequence, the singer is excited to realize that the doll was actually assembled with the intention of looking as much as possible like the “real Iza”. “her hair is the same as mine“, celebrated the artist.

“Man, she’s very similar. A movie plays in my head. I can’t quite explain the feeling. It even feels like an award, a trophy, I can’t explain it. It’s very beautiful to feel represented by a piece of my childhood that was so important in my days and it was so present in my life”, evaluated Iza, who usually says that the microphone is his weapon against racism.

The Barbie doll given to the singer is part of the brand’s “Inspiring Women” collection, which recognizes Brazilian women who have made a difference within their own work.

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