Iza and Lewis Hamilton: singer speaks for the first time about meeting with pilot

Iza spoke for the first time about the meeting with Lewis Hamilton🇧🇷 A photo published by the singer at a dinner with the pilot was enough to fuel speculation about a possible romance.

“I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, but nothing happened. It was a dinner with more than 20 people, besides us”, explained Iza, who will be one of the technicians of the next season of “The Voice Brasil”, during a press conference on Twitter.

Iza posted a click next to Hamilton and the post went viral on the web. Internet users quickly began to ship the singer with the English seven-time world champion.

Seu Jorge responds to a comment about being ‘sail’ for Iza and Lewis Hamilton

Recently separated from music producer Sérgio Santos, with whom she was married for four years, Iza was not alone with Lewis Hamilton in the photo. Seu Jorge participated in the dinner and refuted the comments that pointed to him as a “candle” for the possible couple. “You know nothing, innocent”, fired the singer.

Seu Jorge took the opportunity to praise Hamilton. “This week I experienced the thrill of meeting an incredibly fascinating person. A true champion. A top-notch talent in world motor sport. With seven world championships, Sir Lewis Hamilton is a very pleasant and thoughtful person. A noble gentleman. And now honorary citizen of Brazil”, he said.

“It was a truly amazing night among dear friends. And to friend Lewis, I wish you the best of luck in your life and that you can spend more time here with us in your new home. It was a great honor.”

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