Ivete Sangalo leaves Wanessa embarrassed when talking about dating Dado Dolabella: ‘Back to the bush’

Wanessa and Dado Dolabella would be planning a child together

Wanessa Camargo is already the mother of João Marcus and João Francisco, fruits of her previous marriage. Dado Dolabella is the father of three: Eduardo, João Valentim and Ana Flor. And it looks like their family will grow. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, the actor and singer have already revealed to relatives and closest friends that they want to have a child together.

“Wanessa and Dado live the feeling of ‘true love’, they are intense, they throw themselves into the relationship with emotion, and when they talk about children they have the support of the family”, guaranteed a source of the journalist.

While the baby is not coming, it is more and more common to see them together with the children of previous relationships. Backstage at Festival Eletriza, for example, João Marcus and João Francisco joined Ana Flor to see Wanessa perform. It was the first time, by the way, that the youngest of the artist was in a presentation of the famous mother.

About his eldest daughter’s love life, Zezé Di Camargo was categorical: “The first time they were together [no início dos anos 2000], I did not approve. They were very young. I wasn’t happy because it was too confusing. Today, it seems to me that they are in another universe, their minds are different… I want him to make my daughter happy”.

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