Ivete Sangalo ignores rumors of separation and travels with her sister. Photos!

Ivete took a photo by herself and added a mysterious caption

On her own Instagram, meanwhile, although she doesn’t write stories that prove the trip or mark the places she’s visiting, Ivete published a photo in the same setting as her sister. “And in his garden I’m a beautiful flower“, wrote the singer, who should come back with everything, as well as the other artists, at Carnaval 2022.

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In the comments, followers of the artist evaluated: “Look who decided to show up”, commented one. “It’s close-up in the US, right, hottie?”, commented another. “It must be the lyrics of some new song”, pondered one more. See the photo in our gallery above.

Daniel Cady justifies photo archiving with Ivete Sangalo

A little earlier, amidst rumors of separation, Daniel Cady seemed interested in trying to clear up the rumors. The nutritionist’s advisor said that Ivete’s husband only deleted the photos with the artist to try to highlight new projects.

As the idea failed and, by then, the professional had already appeared without the ring, Daniel decided to delete not only the photos with the woman, but also all the others, keeping his Instagram blank. But not 24 hours later, he published a bunch of photos about a sustainable campaign, involving planting trees in response to the sale of specific shirts.

It is worth remembering that this was not the first time that the nutritionist was involved in controversies. When contracting Covid, Daniel even suggested that the family cook had transmitted the disease. Shortly afterwards, Ivete herself spoke up and guaranteed: “this government does not represent me”.

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