Ivete Sangalo details sex life after menopause: ‘Completely honest’

Ivete Sangalo turned 50 in May and continues with the charisma and irreverence that consecrated her. The artist, who is preparing to debut a program on Sundays on TV Globo, does not hide the natural changes in her body caused by age. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, the baiana reveals that she has reached menopause.

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Known for dealing with various subjects without taboo, Ivete also told how her libido is after the onset of menopause. “I have my tricks and arguments. Pleasures have to be pursued. There are several ways to deal with this and even respect when your body gives negatives“, began the singer.

Ivete also reflected on the importance of putting her own well-being first. “I’m completely honest with this: I can’t do anyone any good if I don’t do myself good first. Every year of our life will have a challenge and I think it’s wonderful to be alive to face them”, said the muse.


During a show, Ivete surprised the audience by the naturalness and relaxation with which she talked about sex in front of her eldest son, Marcelo, 12 years old. In an interview with the Extra newspaper, she defined it as necessary and fundamental to deal with the topic without taboo with the offspring.

“I have to help him understand the things he is living and will live, in the most organic and enlightened way possible. Puberty is in it, I didn’t invent the questions, the whys“, defined Ivete.

The famous still celebrated the freedom to have a frank conversation with her son about sex and many other subjects. “When you treat this matter as something genuine and natural, you take away a lot of risks from the child that are thrown under the rug. Your child recognizes what is his and for him, and will have much more ability to deal with it, in the safest way. That’s what I want for mine: security. And security only comes with information,” he pointed out.

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