IVE: Curiosities of Jang Won Young and the evolution of his career

Since before IVE’s debut, Jang Won Young began to gain public attention. Now that we see her promoting as part of this girl group, it is likely that you want to become her fan, so we will tell you some curiosities about the idol.

among the new girl group who are hogging the attention of the fans we find IVE, a 6-member group that debuted in December 2021 under the Starship Entertainment label. Have you heard their songs yet?

One of the members who has gained great popularity is Jang Won Young, who fulfills the role of vocalist and dancer in the group of kpopbut she has also stood out for her charisma and beauty on stage.

Jang Won-young She is originally from Seoul, South Korea and if you want to learn more basic but very interesting facts about this idol, then these are curiosities you will love them

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What you should know about Jang Won Young, curiosities and basic information about the idol

  • How old is IVE’s Jang Won Young?

the singer of Starship Entertainment He was born on August 13, 2004, so this year he turned 18 of international age. With the above information, you can also know that this girl’s zodiac sign is Virgo, while in the Chinese zodiac she corresponds to the monkey.

Jang Won Young, member of IVE. | source: Twitter @IVEstarship

  • Jang Won Young participated in Produce 48

This girl competed in Produce 18 and obtained first place at the end of the competition, with this, she managed to debut in IZ*ONE and promoted with the group from 2018 to 2021.

Jang Won Young, member of IVE. | Source: Twitter @IVEstarship

  • How long was Jang Won Young a trainee?

Like all K-Pop idols, Jang Won Young had a training period where he honed his singing, dancing, and other skills. Since her entry into Starship, this girl was a trainee for 2 years before her debut.

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  • What languages ​​does IVE’s Jang Won Young speak?

In addition to being fluent in Korean, having been born and raised in South Korea, Jang Won Young is fluent in English and has a basic level of Japanese and Chinese. WOW!

Jang Won Young, member of IVE. | Source: Twitter @IVEstarship

  • Jang Won Young is a fan of BLACKPINK and TWICE

When this idol was asked who her role model was, she chose two of the most popular third-generation K-Pop groups, mentioning BLACKPINK and TWICE.

  • Does Jang Won Young have Instagram?

This idol opened her personal account on said social network in May 2021. Jang Won Young’s Instagram is @for_everyyoung10 and she already has more than 6.3 followers. The first published photograph of her is the one you will see below.

Jang Won Young’s first photo on his personal account. | Source: Instagram @for_everyyoung10

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