Ivana Yturbe poses in a bikini 42 days after giving birth: “There are still scars”

Ivana Yturbe She surprised her followers by showing off her renewed figure just over a month after giving birth to her little Almudena, a product of her relationship with soccer player Beto da Silva.

The model shared a photo with her more than three million followers on Instagram, in which she wears a tiny bikini with the beach in the background. “42 days have passed since my chubby girl arrived and having her by my side makes it all worthwhile”, The former reality girl begins narrating.

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Ivana Yturbe He remarked that he is still in the process of recovering the physique he had before his pregnancy, and also said that he still has the consequences on his skin after his pregnancy.

Little by little I am regaining my weight, but there are still scars, linea alba, stretch marks; However, none of this compares to the happiness of having her in my arms and being her mother.”, He commented.

This is not the first time that the Peruvian model has been encouraged to tell details of her first experiences in motherhood and the changes that her body has undergone due to pregnancy.

Last October, Yturbe said that she had managed to lose nine kilos but that she still had to lose more weight to regain the figure she had before becoming a mother.


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