Iva Domingues leaves a message to Cristina Ferreira and anticipates criticism: “They will say that I am a bootlicker”

Cristina Ferreira used social media to mark Television Day. The Big Brother presenter recalled some of the moments of her program “Dia de Cristina”, the program that marked her return to TVI.

Among the many comments received in her sharing, the one from Iva Domingues stands out, who congratulated her friend and “boss”, as she writes.

In your message, where you write “Happy day, boss!”the presenter also leaves a message to the critics who she already expects to comment on her message, assuming that she doesn’t care about what they might say: “(this comment is for the haters to say that I’m a bootlicker 🤣, I’m not even going to sleep today 🤣)”.

Look here:

In her sharing, Cristina Ferreira assumes that the choice of images was not by chance “Today is World Television Day. I chose these photos that are not by chance. Chance. 🇧🇷”leaving fans and followers in total excitement, believing that the show could be back.

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