ITZY’s Yeji wowed everyone with his talent before debut

Before hitting the stage as a K-Pop artist, trainees often train for years. Yeji proved that she was ready to join ITZY and stole the public’s eye.

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In 2019 we saw the debut of a new girl group within JYP Entertainment, this being the first time that had happened since TWICE’s arrival. With the surprising background that this company has thanks to its previous groupings, the expectations for ITZY They grew, but also because several of the trainees had already had a glimpse of their talents.

One such case was that of Yeji, the idol She is currently 21 years old, but she is already a recognized idol around the world with her peers and none of her comebacks go unnoticed.

However, Yeji had already shown his enormous potential before officially debuting and that was thanks to the girl joining a competition where week after week he surprised with his skills.

ITZY: Yeji on The Fan sets good record for the group

At the end of 2018, SBS introduced a new edition of The Fan, a well-known talent show on Korean television that takes us to meet great artists of different styles. Hwang Yeji attended this show and was introduced by Junho de 2PM.

At the beginning, her performance caused some doubts in the panelists, but thanks to the support of the public, Yeji was not eliminated and was able to return with more powerful presentations, demonstrating on each occasion that her talent and charisma were undeniable.

However, another important detail was the reaction of the public, as each time he won the applause and support to stay in the competition.

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Yeji’s ITZY Debut Brings Back His Surprising Performances

When JYP Entertainment finally announced that ITZY would be debuting, many were looking forward to learning that Yeji would be part of the lineup, and it was even more exciting when they found out she would be the one. Leader of the girl group.

The ads inevitably led many to remember her as the girl we saw on The Fan, so these were undoubtedly moments that left their mark on her career.

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