"It’s your t * ub that doesn’t work" : Benjamin Castaldi in turmoil, Cyril Hanouna and Matthieu Delormeau atomize it live on TPMP and it’s violent!

Benjamin Castaldi is one of the essential figures of the small screen. In the past, the son of Catherine Allégret and Jean-Pierre Castaldi hosted renowned shows like Loft Story or even Secret Story on TF1. To this day, he serves brilliantly as a columnist in Do not touch My TV Cyril Hanouna’s flagship program. Facing the camera, Benjamin Castaldi loves to titillate his colleagues who give him back. His favorite targets are also Matthieu Delormeau or Gilles Verdez. Without make-up, the famous animator sometimes reveals some aspects of his private life. This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, good humor was still there on C8. In a sequence of 6 to 7, the troublemaker of the PAF wondered about those who deserved a pay cut. Wanting to defend his cause, Aurore Alleman’s darling unfortunately encountered some technical problems with his microphone. “We can’t hear you”, said Cyril Hanouna, taken aback. “It’s my microphone that doesn’t work”, protested the main interested party.

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An answer that had the merit of challenging the presenter of TPMP. “It’s your mouth that doesn’t work”, cut off Lino and Bianca’s dad, causing the audience to laugh. “It’s your career that doesn’t work”, added Matthieu Delormeau. “We are mean, we are mean ”, underlined Cyril Hanouna in the wake. Faced with mockery, Benjamin Castaldi remained unmoved. “What the hell are they?”, he analyzed, perplexed. But it’s bad to know Matthieu Delormeau who wanted to add a layer about him: “It’s your dick that doesn’t work”.“It’s free, it’s free”, replied the happy dad of four who has obviously got into the habit of being tackled on his anatomy. Let the fans be reassured, it’s fair game between the two men!


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