"It’s you I’m going to kick your ass" : Johnny Hallyday pissed off: This day when the rocker wanted to do battle with… Michel Drucker!

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Laurent Gerra will be honored on TMC ! A must-have comedian, Celestine’s dad never ceases to amuse his audience with his incredible sketches. Imitations of stars, it’s his hobby! However, some celebrities did not appreciate being caricatured by the latter. “I know that Patrick Bruel was not very happy at one point…” revealed Laurent Gerra on the set of The info of the true, the mag.“And Celine Dion too, but it doesn’t matter either”. Same story for François Hollande!

In his book “Memories! Memories !” focused on Johnny Hallyday, Cyril Laffitau said that Laurent Gerra had alienated the icon. In 2006, the performer to light the fire would have even wanted to do battle with the artist. “Exasperated by the impersonator’s daily jabs on the small screen, Johnny, during a nightly phone call, warned their mutual friend, Michel Drucker, of his desire to ‘break the mouth’ of Laurent Gerra”, indicated the writer in his work.

“Johnny ended up agonizing over the phone…”

The opportunity for him to bounce back from the secrets of the famous host of Roll on Sunday.“As I couldn’t stop Laurent, because a good comedian columnist, the more you ask him to do less, the more he adds, Johnny ended up agonizing over the phone at three in the morning: ‘Well, that’s ‘I’m going to beat you up’», confided Michel Drucker in his book.

In the midst of turmoil, Cyril Laffitau fortunately managed to calm his friend Johnny Hallyday. “Breaking the face of Laurent Gerra will only make the situation worse”, he says in his book. “ I therefore advise him to sympathize with him so that the comedian stops his mockery. Suddenly, Laurent Gerra will be content to imitate him, but without mockery. Johnny had the intelligence to make him believe that he was his friend when in reality, he did not like him. » Vibe…


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