"It’s very hot…" : Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine untenable and overexcited on the set of "C to you" in front of his childhood sweetheart

Christiane Lambert, Matthieu Gallet, Sylvain Tesson or even Annick Cojean were among the guests of this Thursday, May 12 in C to you on France 5. But Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was far, far from imagining that her columnist, Bertrand Chameroy was going to realize one of her teenage dreams. Indeed, a few days ago, the presenter revealed to be crazy about the hero of the boom 2, Pierre Cosso. After having brought out the tape recorder of the journalist’s remarks, the young man resumed speaking, saying: “Babeth you know how much I like to surprise you and please you. It hasn’t been easy but I have a long arm. He is with us tonight, here is Pierre Cosso”he said before the sixty-something arrived on the set.

The main interested party cannot hide her joy and especially her excitement in the face of her childhood idol. When the actor sent him an email, Philippe Coelho’s wife “fainted”. A sequence during which the host appears completely destabilized. “She has very sweaty hands the lady”even jokes Bertrand Chameroy. “My 13 years came back like that, all of a sudden. I wouldn’t have arrived there if I hadn’t fallen in love with Pierre Cosso”she slipped.

As she closed her show, she dropped a, “It’s very hot…” before turning to his surprise guest to say: “You smell good too!” It was not Babeth’s birthday yet (she will celebrate her 52nd birthday on July 29, editor’s note) but anyway, she was spoiled for the occasion.

Sunday May 8, the one who is also a singer was honored on television since the legendary feature film by Claude Pinoteau with Sophie Marceau, or Brigitte Fossey was broadcast on TFX.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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