"It’s the end of my career…" : this shocking announcement by Eric-Antoine before the broadcast of "Who can beat us?" on M6!

For some time now, Eric-Antoine has been the man for news on M6. On June 29, the magician invited viewers to the sublime ancient theater of Orange to sing. The sixth channel then offered a brand new program, “Le plus grand karaoké de France”, presented by Élodie Gossuin and the juror of La France has an incredible talent. “There, it was a brilliant opportunity offered to me by M6: it’s TV but in front of 6,000 people, like when I do Zeniths in a magical place, the ancient theater of Orange, under the stars of the summer, to party. Singing at the same time as the artists, it never happens !”, he confided to our colleagues from TV Mag.

This Monday, July 25, Eric-Antoine is again on the crane to test a brand new concept. M6 has indeed organized a giant quiz where the greatest specialists of the channel will rub shoulders with other participants. “Doing TV with hosts is a luxury because everyone occupies their own space. It’s happiness”confides the comedian-magician.

In this game produced by Studio 89 where these six personalities from the small screen will each take turns facing an audience of 100 candidates during a questionnaire relating to their specialty, M6 has decided to call on Philippe Etchebest, Cristina Cordula, Marie Portolano, Mac Lesgy , Hélène Ségara and therefore Eric-Antoine. “I wanted to win because I am competitive by nature. But I also had the balls when we beat the public because I wanted them to win money”, explains the latter.

And despite his kindness, Eric-Antoine did his best to prove his legitimacy. Even to the point of missing out a bit. “The members of the public are very good players, with a big culture. Sometimes I failed to answer some questions. I was embarrassed! It’s the end of my career…”he joked.


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