It’s still cold outside, but it’s not too late: Get your bike ready for the season

Wash the wheel. Not that the accumulation of dust would cause any functional obstacle to the machine, but a thorough cleaning will do one thing – you will inspect the bike in detail from all angles. In addition, you won’t get dirty from it during your next work. Focus on any cracks and blisters in the rubber parts, loose nuts, rubbing moving parts, and the like.

1. Check the brakes

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a bike. Make sure the brakes work as they should, that they apply enough braking force and then release quickly. Also degrease the rim (stove brakes) or the disc (disc brakes). Possible unpleasant noises can be caused by poorly adjusted brakes, dirt or rust on the disc or worn pads.

2. Check the tires

Have you ever had your bike slip in a corner or burst an inner tube on a bump? If not, then you haven’t yet experienced the second most important thing for bike safety. Check the tire casings for bulges and inflate the tube to the correct pressure indicated on the tire sidewall.

3. Check the chain

Degrease the chain and check its tension with a special gauge. The chain should be changed approximately once for mountain bikes and after three thousand kilometers for road bikes. Otherwise, it stretches and threatens to jump and destroy the derailleur. And that, unlike the chain, is a very expensive part.

4. Check lubrication

Handlebars, center and brake levers must move smoothly – so lubricate all moving parts where there are no sealed bearings. Above all, no noises must come from the center of the wheel. Thoroughly lubricate especially the chain and individual gears.

5. Checking the saddle and pedals.

Thoroughly inspect the saddle and pedals as well. Remove the saddle from the tube and check for rust inside, or lightly lubricate the tube to repel water. Otherwise, it can cut you and that’s a problem you definitely don’t want to deal with. Don’t forget to check and lubricate the pedals, especially if you use the pedals. Their mechanism must work smoothly and be adjusted to your weight, otherwise they are not safe.

Electric bikes have a longer service

There are other important components to check for popular e-bikes.

1. Check the battery and charger.

Check the battery connectors, charge it and install it on the e-bike. Check the capacity. If the battery does not discharge smoothly or has an unusually low capacity, take it to a specialist service for diagnosis.

2. Check the engine

Make sure the engine is running properly and without any problems – not unusually noisy, leaking, etc.

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