It’s not the Arena, Alessandro Sallusti crushes Massimo Giletti: “Have you had record ratings? Here we are not at ‘Dancing with the Stars’, we are talking about damn serious things “

“I decided to go to Moscow because I wanted to know the enemy’s point of view: is this useful for the public? I think so, given that according to a recent Ipsos survey 41% of Italians think that information is biased towards Ukraine ”. Massimo Giletti thus opened the episode of It is not The Arena on La7 on Sunday 12 June, replying live to the controversy on the latest episode in which, in connection from the Russian capital, he interviewed, among other things, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for Foreign Minister Lavrov. Guest in connection Alessandro Sallusti, the director of Free he had abandoned the live broadcast in protest and last night the two had a question and answer: “La7 Sunday became the third national network, it did a record, this is not trivial. The public wanted to understand, ”explained the landlord. With the immediate reply from Sallusti: “I’m glad you made the audience record the other night, but we’re not here at dancing with the Stars where it is important to entertain the public. From you we talk about damn serious things “.

A duel that lasted for a few minutes, with a new thrust by the guest on the presence in the episode of Maria Zakharova, director of the information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as Lavrov’s spokesperson: “There is no need to go to Moscow to understand that they are waging a war. You interviewed the foreign minister’s spokesperson. What did you want her to tell you? The other night I found myself in a mega commercial by Putin against the West and against you who are the only European journalist who persists in good faith in trying to understand their reasons, even if I understand that also we’re the bad guys tonight. We have done many bad things, but I am convinced that the balance that weighs the level of freedom and civilization still hangs heavily on our side. We have accustomed them too well: they can insult us for free and we must shut up. I haven’t been silent, I told him”, The clear words of Sallusti.


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