It’s not Karma !, the review: you go all the way to Mexico for Netflix’s new rom-com, but is it worth it?

The review of Non è il Karma !, the new romantic comedy by Netflix, a film that preaches well from the title … but will it scratch in the same way?

It’s not Karma !: a picture from the movie

Here we go again: we are once again faced with the binomial Netflix and rom-com, this time with a Mexican production. But has today’s been a winning combination? Let’s try to find out in this one review of It’s Not Karma! (¿Qué culpa holds el karma?), The film directed by Elisa Miller (About Sarah, El placer es el mío) and based on the 2014 novel of the same name published by Laura Norton.

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It’s not Karma !: a picture from the movie

The story of It’s Not Karma! begins several years ago, just as he tells in voice-over, when our protagonist, Sara (Aislinn Derbez) is at a birthday party – more precisely that of the 5 years of her younger sister Lucy (who when she grows up will have the face of Renata Notni). Sara, who has always felt overshadowed by Lucy, will make the unfortunate decision to “steal” her sister’s wish before she can blow out the candles. A decision that could have condemned the eldest of the house to an even more unfortunate life.
So much so that until adulthood, Sara will “escape” her first love, that is the best friend of high school Aaron, and the dream of becoming a stylist. And it will only be when Lucy, now a successful model and well-known influencer, introduces herself to the family with her new boyfriend and future husband Aaron (yes, that Aaron, played by Gil Cerezo) that Sara, owner of a small clothing store and engaged in a long-distance relationship with Roberto (Giuseppe Gamba), she will actually have to deal with the much feared Karma.

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It’s not Karma !: a sequence from the movie

You can imagine how the story will continue. There is very little unexpected in a film that slavishly follows the rigid patterns of the genre, and it probably wouldn’t even be classifiable as a spoiler to reveal the ending. But predictability aside, which is still an element that rarely actually affects the enjoyment of such a product, it is the lack of ideas and the almost unwillingness to go further with its rendering on the screen that does not make it attractive enough. Karma! (although it must be acknowledged that he attracted, at least initially, the attention of viewers, being in the Top 10 of the most viewed Netflix of the week).

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What a hurry!

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It’s not Karma !: a scene from the movie

Much of the problems we encounter in It’s Not Karma! lies in the timing. Assuming that in an 85-minute film it is rather obvious that the events will have a decidedly rapid succession, the first characteristic that you will notice after clicking on the play button is the extremely fast pace of the narration, with an exposure of the events that seems almost being on the run from itself. Between directorial breaks and all too sudden (and often not very justified) changes of scene, the way of presenting the different situations does not leave the viewer time to assimilate all the information and process it in order to get an idea of ​​what he feels about it: we know what will happen because it is what we expect to happen in a rom-com, but the general feeling is that of looking at a series of events en passant, and not something previously thought out and well structured.

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It’s not Karma !: a picture from the movie

This haste to show, combined with a scarcity of original gimmicks to make the vision more unique (there is, however, a scene with flamingos that deserves to be mentioned, along with the use of cyanotype in the story) and an excess of zeal on the part of the actors that leads them in some places to slip into overacting, does not make it exactly the best of the recent productions of the genre of the streaming giant. However, if you decide to abandon all claims for a time that ultimately is less than two hours, that of It is not karma! it can also be defined as a pleasant sight.


In our review of It’s Not Karma! we see how the new Netflix rom-com, although constituting a light vision and by no means definable as unpleasant, is unable to think outside the box and find a way to leave its mark, ending up being a product with a confusing rendering that it would have in actually could have given much more.

What’s wrong

  • Narrative too hasty and poorly structured.
  • It doesn’t have much of a memorable thing.
  • In some moments it leads to overacting.

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