It’s not Alba Baptista: this is the actress who confessed to dating Chris Evans


Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are the target of romance rumors and before this an actress confessed to having dated the interpreter of Captain America. She knows all the details.

Chris Evans
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In the last days Chris Evans became the target of all the headlines. And this is not because he has released a new film or, for example, returns to Marvel, but for his love life. The actor, since he rose to worldwide fame as the captain America He is one of the interpreters who generates the most interest around his private life because he is also one of the few who manages to maintain an unmatched low profile.

So much so that as in the last days rumors began that Chris Evans finally found loveHis fans went crazy. This is because after so much speculation about his life, apparently it is Alba Baptista who completely captivated him. From what the rumors indicate, the actors met last summer and would be in a relationship for more than a year, being very happy together.

However, to the surprise of his new romance, many people have come out to speak. Between them another actress who confessed to having been a partner of the former Captain America. This is Jana Kramer, who spoke about him in an interview and told how their bond was. According to her words, Evans disappeared from her life from one day to the next after a shameful event that they both experienced in his house.

It was during an interview on the podcast Whine Down that she revealed all about her failed dates with Chris. “We went out on a few dates”, he began by explaining although, as he stated, it was “a decade ago”. “He wasn’t Captain America yet, but he was a handsome hunk.“, he said, adding:”I can’t remember how many dates there were, I only remember the last one. To this day I am still mortified, this is very embarrassing”.

Jana recounted that the incident happened at Chris’ Los Angeles home after she had been out with him and his friends. “It was a fun time, but I was falling asleep. So I was like: ‘hey, I’m going to bed. But at dinner I ate asparagus, so I went to the bathroom and Chris immediately came after me.“, said. Then he continued: “And that’s the last interaction I remember: him going after me to the bathroom after I had a breakdown. And I never heard from him again”.

After this Jana argued that she never heard from Chris again, but she did declared that he is a great kisser. Also, she sent him a direct message a year ago, but now he already has a new girlfriend. So much so that, like thousands of women around the world, Kramer also broke the hope of having a chance with Evans.

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