"It’s no longer Miss France if it’s too open!" : Elodie Gossuin openly criticizes Alexia Laroche-Joubert and her new rules for Miss France

As we know, the Miss France competition has entered a new era with the arrival at its head of producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert. Exit Sylvie Tellier and make way for Cindy Fabre. But the changes announced are not only replacements of people. A real in-depth cleaning of the rules established by Madame de Fontenay is underway… And that does not please everyone! One of the major stages of this revolution was in particular to open up the selection criteria deemed too strict, even discriminatory. The beauty contest is, for example, now authorized for mothers, married women or even transgender women. In this regard, Andréa Furet, elected first runner-up to Miss Paris last June, was the very first transgender candidate to participate. Also, no more age limits and welcome to tattoos! Enough to make the purists of the competition jump! And this is exactly the case of Elodie Gossuin who did not fail to express her strongest disapproval at the microphone of the program “We redo the TV” on RTL, this Saturday, September 24.

“There are criteria and codes to respect”

And the former Miss France 2001 and Miss Europe 2002, who we know is very close to Madame de Fontenay, did not mince her words and avoided the pitfall of “being totally demago and saying that it’s great because it’s open-minded”. No, on the contrary, the host prefers to reason pragmatically and knowingly: “I am very down to earth, but if you are a mother, you cannot be Miss France. “Is impossible. You do not see your child for a year, “she explained to Eric Dussart and Jade. And to continue to defend her point of view from her own experience: “I was Miss France, so I can testify to that. I worked seven days a week, all over France and the world. She has always arranged her very heavy schedule to be able to devote herself as much as possible to her four children. And to continue: “There are plenty of solutions, my opinion is not that obtuse, it depends on the circumstances”, while emphasizing that there are “criteria” and “codes to respect”, as for all trades “I find it both good, but at the same time, suddenly, it’s no longer Miss France if it’s too open,” she continued. he age limit, Élodie Gossuin was also firm: “You can’t not have an age limit, a 45-year-old Miss France… I wouldn’t be Miss France today as I was in 20 years.” Before adding, referring for example to the size of the jockeys: “We need criteria in everything we do.” Wanting too much to modernize this institution, Alexia Laroche-Joubert risks triggering a real war of the Misses!

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