"It’s going to get harder and harder to live…" : this money problem that worries Julien Clerc

Although he has often called on authors such as Jean-Loup Dabadie, Étienne Roda-Gil and Serge Gainsbourg, Julien Clerc is one of the most accomplished and brilliant composers and performers of French song. But the interpreter of My preference is precisely worried about his profession. Indeed, Vanilla’s dad fears for his profession, affected by the revolution triggered by streaming.

Currently on tour to promote his latest covers album Happy Days, Julien Clerc expressed himself on this subject in the pages of La Provence. “I don’t really listen to the radio. I listen like everyone else on the platforms. Unfortunately, I participate in the fact that it will become more and more difficult to make a living from our profession. Apart from the rap people, with the kids who click! When we look at our copyrights, compared to what we were collecting before, it’s ridiculous“, he laments. Before adding: “You always have to consider change and adapt to it, because there is always a creative side to it. Me, I keep doing what I’ve always done“.

“Young singers like me were mixed with the old ones. I was so lucky because I was able to install tubeshe said before explaining the key to his many successes: “Hits by definition were conditioned by radio hype.”It allowed me to have a repertoire that even people who don’t particularly like me know”he concluded.


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