"It’s ‘dirty big’ every day…" : the terrible confidences of Danielle Moreau who ends in tears on the set of "At Jordan’s"

After having received Véronique Genest, Jordan De Luxe recently welcomed Danielle Moreau on the set of her show “Chez Jordan”. Now known and appreciated for her status as a columnist in “Touche pas à mon poste”, she confided in her private life. Starting with her tumultuous affair with a married man a few years ago. “Now I blame myself because I don’t like having done that. It’s something that doesn’t look like me. It was adultery and I don’t like it. I was going to school. church, I was brought up well…” she revealed before adding: “I couldn’t refuse because he was someone famous and me, it was my dream. It’s silly, but me, an actor, I can’t say no. He knew all the people I I loved. Everything he told me pleased me…”.

If Danielle Moreau has very often assured not to have had love affairs or sexual relations for years, she has just confided in the negative reviews she receives on her physique: “It’s every day ‘dirty fat’, ‘you’d better ride a bike!’, in a bakery I got insulted and it goes cream!” she revealed.

After confiding in her friendship with Cyril Hanouna and her finances, the columnist spoke of her late dad with tears in her eyes: “Why did you leave so quickly? He hung on though and it’s something I hate when you say someone fought because my father really hung on…” she confided before launching: “I miss you everyday !”.


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