“It’s complicated for them”: Laurent Romejko talks about his new colleagues in the game “Numbers and letters”, Stéphane Crosnier and Blandine Maire

On September 17, viewers discovered for the first time the new experts of the program “Des figures et des lettres” on France 3. Broadcast for years every day of the week, it is now only offered on weekdays. -end.

As a reminder, Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat, emblematic figures of the game for 47 and 36 years, were thanked in order to make way for Stéphane Crosnier and Blandine Maire.

Laurent Romejko, the presenter, stayed in place. He has just mentioned this radical change to Télé Star: “It’s complicated for them. They arrive on a plateau where there are the ghosts of Bertrand and Arielle. As a former candidate, Stéphane is part of the family. Blandine is a nice discovery, she is lively and fun. »

Laurent Romejko still kept in touch with his two acolytes: “We talk to each other regularly. What happened to them made me sad. But I take news of their health more readily than of the progress of their negotiations with management. »

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