"It’s a story that’s weird" : Franck Gastambide severely tackled by rapper Kaaris in "The question box" !

A figure in French rap, Kaaris is known as much for his lyrics and music as for his rivalries with certain artists. Everyone still remembers this violent altercation which opposed them to the Booba clan in Orly airport. After this “street” fight, the two men were sentenced to an eighteen-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 50,000 euros for “willful violence” and “theft in meetings”. Despite this verdict, the rappers then continued to revile each other through the media, even going so far as to plan to do battle in a ring.

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On the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” in April 2021, Booba also declared that “making peace” with Kaaris was not on the program! Lately, the one that some nickname the Duke of Boulogne indicated that he was very keen to meet his sworn enemy again to do battle again. “Kaaris, I absolutely have to meet you again. I can’t stand you it’s crazy! At the same time I can’t stand many people“, he swung on social networks.

Kaaris attacks Franck Gastambide on Canal +

But as it is not full of enemies, Kaaris has chosen to surround himself with another rapper to collaborate and release a new opus. The two Sevranais are preparing a joint album entitled SVR, scheduled for January 28, 2022 to start the year well. They were also recently on the set of the second clip of the project and were invited to La Boîte à questions on Canal +. The opportunity for them to say more about this new project but also to comment on certain achievements made in the world of cities, such as the Validé series by Franck Gastambide, which was rather well received by critics.

And yet that doesn’t really seem like Kaaris’ cup of tea. “Would you have liked to play in Validé?“, we ask him.”Non“, responds tit for tat and then adds:”It’s a story that is weird Validated, especially season 1 …

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