"It’s a rapier!" : this choice of Stéphane Jean Zéphirin ("Large families, life in XXL) for his children which shocks Internet users!

Viewers of “Large families, life in XXL” can, every day of the week, discover how parents manage daily life surrounded by several children. Because these extraordinary families inevitably have habits that are a little different from traditional households. The smala they raise forces them to make some concessions and especially to find some tricks to have fun. But certain habits or certain choices are sometimes severely singled out by Internet users.

In the episode of June 7, it was Stéphane Jean Zéphirin who took it for his rank as he tried to assemble his new sofa helped by his two teenagers. A purchase according to some made only for comfort at the expense of children. “In fact, the JZs want us to feel sorry for them because they sleep on a sofa bed in the living room, and the last two babies sleep next to them in a hallway, but we don’t have any hardly in fact!, “Good evening, so….. 1000 euros a sofa bed… a 2-seater sofa….. and the children they sit or in the living room“, could we read on Twitter.

Thursday June 23, the TF1 cameras were back in the Alpes-Maritimes at the Jean Zéphirin family who was preparing to prepare a big picnic in a park. But in order not to spend too much money on a brasserie or a snack for lunch, the father of the family has been doing some shopping to feed his eight children. A decision widely commented on by Internet users. “JZs always budget, budget, budget. Please take him out of the show. Laying so many children and complaining every time.”, “On the other hand, 30 slices of ham, 30 of chicken breast & 30 of rosettes is super excessive”, “The Zéphirins, they can slam 7000th in a vacation the mountain but they can’t slam 300th restaurant in the park ???”, “Yeah finally when you don’t have the budget for a brewery but you put 50€ at the butcher and the bakery. Buying charcuterie in the store is already cheaper.”, “Mother JZ, doesn’t she have a wallet? it’s the father who always pays for everything.. it’s normal, he’s so quick !!“.


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