Itatí Cantoral: who is Sergio Bonilla, the actor who has been related to Soraya Montenegro

Itatí Cantoral, an actress who is well remembered for having played the role of Soraya Montenegro in the soap opera María la del barrio, has been photographed in a restaurant while she was accompanied, which is why alarms and rumors about an alleged relationship with that person were turned on.

The man who was accompanying her that night was Sergio Bonilla, an actor who shares the scene with Itatí in the play Sola en la sombra, so they do know each other very well, although it could also mean a close friendship that they have forged due to the same professional career that they share.

Itatí Cantoral had been related to the actor Sergio Bonillas after some photos in which he was seen dining in a restaurant. (Photo: Twitter).


Due to rumors about the images that were published, the Mexican press sought out the actors to give their versions about what was believed to be a new relationship. However, the responses were negative.

The first to respond in this regard was Sergio Bonilla, who stated that he had not seen the photos and also ruled out that he has a romantic relationship with the famous actress.

“Would they be photos of the work or what? I don’t know about those photos, but no, what can I say? We have a very good friendship, we get along very well, and then nothing else “said the actor.

Later, the protagonist of this story also gave her version of events and, like her colleague, denied that they have a romantic relationship, although she made it clear that she admires him a lot and considers him attractive.

“I am a mother with three children and I don’t like to talk about my private life at all. He’s a co-worker and obviously he’s gorgeous. I admire him a lot and also his parents “, were some of his words.


Sergio Bonilla is a 47-year-old Mexican actor who has participated in television, film and theater, but is widely recognized for his work in the dubbing of several well-known characters in Latin America. It is worth noting that his parents are the actors Héctor Bonilla and Socoro Martínez.

Some of the characters he has dubbed are Trunks from Dragon Ball in his adolescent and adult versions, as well as Nelson in The Simpsons, Remy in Ratatouille and Ant Man, a Marvel character.

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