Italian Super Cup, Inter win the trophy for the sixth time: goal from Sánchez in extra time and Juventus beaten 2-1

Inter-Juve it’s always Inter-Juve. With rivalry, tradition, competition, arbitration controversy that can never fail. A real match, always, even with all the black and white absences and in the moment of maximum Nerazzurri superiority, as perhaps only after Calciopoli. In short, a final, 120 minutes long but no longer. The Italian Super Cup is Inter: 2-1, with the decisive goal of Sánchez at the last second of extra time, after the goals by McKennie and Lautaro, an infinite number of occasions, the tension that only the history of Inter-Juve can convey.

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He won the strongest team, which for at least 90 minutes he played to win, in the first half almost to win. Inzaghi’s Nerazzurri wanted to reaffirm that they were champions of Italy, definitely chase that away inferiority complex that has accompanied them in the last decade. They were at home, at San Siro, only formally divided in half for the Super Cup. In the moment of maximum form and confidence, while on the other side there was a Juventus reduced to minimum termsSzczesny was forced to the bench by the green pass with the injuries of the Church, the disqualifications of De Ligt and Cuadrado. And the gap has been seen. In the game, but not in the score. Juventus took a bit of tactic, with Allegri betting on catenaccio, annoying Inzaghi’s maneuver but never really putting her in difficulty. Juventus especially put their heart into it, never giving up on pressing the Nerazzurri’s construction, keeping blow after blow in marking and in tackling. It was almost all he had, but it wasn’t enough.

The start of Inter was ferocious, they wanted to crush the rival with whom they managed to win only once in the last 11 matches, last year, in the big match that launched Conte’s team towards the Scudetto. With the usual texture and a suffocating pressing, in 7 minutes the Nerazzurri collect three chances and Lautaro devours two. Even more sensational are the protests for a penalty not whistled against Chiellini on Barella, but the referee Doveri judges it to be a game contact and the Var does not intervene. Juve tries to lower the pace with the dribble, put the game to sleep, wait for better times but it ends only for wrong steps and surrender to the opponent’s forcing. After twenty minutes of apnea he begins to stick his nose out, but Inter is breathing. The Juventus goal seems like a bolt from the blue, but in reality it is anticipated by some serpentine from Bernardeschi and Morata: from a flash of the Spaniard a cross is born on which the Nerazzurri rearguard is found unprepared, McKennie only in the middle of the area puts Handanovic of the head. Almost incredible, Juve have the advantage.

Inter, so sure, so boss, disunite for a moment. The distances, always perfect, are out of phase, the links widen. Allegri thinks he can take advantage of it, but it lasts a few minutes, the time to regroup and get back into the area with Dzeko, who was hit by De Sciglio. The penalty is less clear than the previous one but this time the referee Duties cannot avoid: after too many mistakes from the spot, Lautaro makes no mistake. 1-1, the first half played at a frenzied pace flew away in a whisker. The second starts from where he left off: Juve tries to hold up, also creates an opportunity with Bernardeschi, perhaps the clearest of the match. But then it is a Nerazzurri siege, in which Juventus almost fails to get out of their half. Allegri plays the only card he has at his disposal, Dybala, left on the bench for a final quarter of an hour of freshness that no one will notice. Nothing changes, only the time passes that weakens the teams and brings them closer to 90 ‘, when Inter has not yet managed to break through. On the contrary, he risks, with a handful of sticks on McKennie’s face right at the end, but Doveri doesn’t feel like deciding the Super Cup for this.

We go to extra time, Juventus deserved them, when after 100 minutes of effort it became an equal match, as Allegri wanted. And for what we have seen, perhaps in the end he would have deserved even the penalty shootout. Instead he stops one step from the finish line, on the last ball of the race, when the last to believe it is Darmian and not Alex Sandro: from the rebound in the middle of the area the ball ends up on Sanchez’s feet who pushes it in, at 120 ‘. Inter are the strongest at the moment, and we already knew. Inter have also won the Super Cup. The last trophy of Conte’s legacy, the first trophy of the Inzaghi era.

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