Italian movement without citizenship, spokesman Omar Neffati dies: “Growing up in an ungrateful country, he fought for everyone’s rights”

A little Italian a little Tunisian“. This is how he presented himself on social media Omar Neffatirights activist and spokesperson for the Italian movement without citizenship. He was 27 years old and yesterday evening, Thursday 12 January, he was found lifeless in his home in Sutri, in the province of Viterbo. Friends and family who were unable to get in touch with him raised the alarm and alerted the police. But once they arrived at his home, the rescuers were unable to do anything.

Active in the Democratic Party and in the CGIL, for some time Neffati had been carrying on the battle for a law on the Ius soli and to obtain equality for the many boys and girls who were children of immigrants. Almost a million young people, de facto Italians but without rights, whom politics ignores and pretends not to see. He too had been waiting for over 20 years to become Italian also for the state. He was only six months old when he moved in with his parents from Tunisia to Sutri, in the province of Viterbo. “A small village, but for me it is a ‘piece de’ core ‘” she said in Roman dialect in a report by the, winner of prize Of digital journalism Calcata 4.0: New stories of resistance and disobedience. It was Neffati who withdrew the award last November.

“Hi Omar, our movement has been a home for you” is the memory published on the page of the Movement of Italians without citizenship. “And you have been and will remain a brother, a friend, a companion. Together with all of us you felt whole, recognized in every part of you, and ready to confront and fight for the rights of us sons and daughters of immigrants. Even if I grew up in this ungrateful Italy that didn’t want to look at you and never granted you citizenship. Until the end”.

Condolences also from Asylum and Immigration Table. “We learn with great dismay of the passing of Omar Neffati. Son of Tunisians, who arrived in Italy as a very young boy – a statement explains – he lived in Viterbo and at the age of 27 had not yet managed to obtain citizenship, despite being in fact an Italian. All the associations that join the Asylum and Immigration Table gather around family members and loved ones with the certainty that we will continue to commit ourselves together with the many girls and boys who they have been asking for years to be able to be what they already are: Italian citizens and citizens”.

“An indefatigable militant and manager” define him the young people of the Pd of Viterbo. “He faced all the battles for the recognition and extension of rights with dedication, tenacity and intransigence. From citizenship rights to those of work andsocial inclusion. From the defense and enhancement of all diversities to the struggle to build a more just society and world for everyone. Omar he never spared himself with a commitment that ranged from the Young Democrats to the Democratic Party, of which he was a manager in local bodies, from the CGIL to the world of associations and the third sector”.

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