It will no longer be necessary to have the CEB to enlist as a volunteer in the army

The condition of study – the diploma of primary education (the CEB, certificate of basic studies) – for a voluntary candidate applicant “is an administrative formality without added value”, indicates the project of the Minister PS, who considers that the skills expected of a volunteer candidate “are sufficiently verified by means of the selection tests provided” by the army.

“The other admission tests remain applicable, so that the basic level to be reached by recruits remains guaranteed,” she further argued.

The bill was widely approved, with only the N-VA voting against and the Vlaams Belang abstaining. All the speakers underlined Wednesday in plenary the quality of the calm debate on this bill, debated with other projects concerning Defense personnel.

However, the study condition does not change for non-commissioned officer candidates, who must hold a secondary education diploma, nor for officers for whom a higher education diploma (master’s or bachelor’s degree) is required, both for generalist or specialized functions (doctor, lawyer, industrial engineer?).

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