It wasn’t like that! Dara grits her teeth because of Nedvěd!

“I dare say that there is currently no one in the Czech Republic or Slovakia who would miss that Dara caught a bear, so sorry, Nedvěda. This is exactly what the headlines of one of the Slovak boulevards said. (Btw, it was just the opposite.) “ described on her Instagram who actually packed whom.

Dara Rolins: I’m celebrating Christmas on stages! The first will be with Matěj …

Dara also admitted that she definitely doesn’t fall in love at first sight, as it was also written. “It has several degrees for me. Love develops gradually. But I can do one thing very quickly. Guess if the person fits me, if I like him and if I want to let him into life. Whether for a while or for a long time I have a clear empathy for that. “ told

Actress Petra Nesvačilová finally spoke about how she is with men!

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