“It was very inappropriate”: this gesture of Marc Lavoine towards Léa, during the semi-final of the “Star Academy”, challenges Internet users (video)

This Saturday, November 19, Anissa, Enola, and Léa have been named among the nominees, to join Louis on the bench of the finalists for this new edition of the ” star Academy “. As she gave everything to defend her place in the semi-finals, Leah found herself faced with an unforeseen event when she launched her duet with Marc Lavoine. Indeed, the young woman was to make her entrance on stage suspended from a swing, but a balancing problem prevented her installation. While Nikos Aliagas tried to divert the attention of viewers, by launching a small discussion with another guest, Clara Luciani, we could however hear the complaints of the candidate, very annoyed by the quack. ” No but it’s the shame of my life, hello “She lamented in particular, visibly forgetting that she was still live, and that her microphone was already on… For her part, the one with whom she then sang “I forgot everything”, tried to calm and reassure her.

The concept of the swing was quickly abandoned, giving way to their performance, but on Twitter, it was not and unforeseen in itself that was commented on, but an “inappropriate” gesture by Marc Lavoine. It almost went unnoticed, but when he tried to reassure Leah, he seemed to kiss her on the neck. Several Internet users said they were shocked by this intimacy which visibly put the young singer. Some have even highlighted the significant age difference between the two performers (60 years old and 24 years old!), Treating the singer squarely as old filth!

For others, the summer of drunkenness of the coach of “The Voice” was clearly responsible for the “awkward atmosphere” created during this sequence. These tweeters even preferred to laugh at the situation that the first ones found so problematic. Marc Lavoine was still defended by some fans, who pointed out Lea’s compliments to her stage partner, during the debriefing of their performance.

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