"It was terrible !" : Coeur de Pirate operated, she could no longer communicate with her daughter

I was using an app that spoke for me

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Pregnant, her belly already round, Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur de Pirate, is already the mother of a little Romy, 9 years old, the fruit of her love with the French tattoo artist Alex Peyrat. It was, therefore, all the more difficult for her to be deprived of her voice. “It was terrible, she recalls. I was using an application that spoke for me, once I entered the text. And I was doing all my zoom chat meetings. “Fortunately, this period is over. With its ten new titles, including We will always love each other – the clip was released last September – the beautiful Canadian is about to embark on a tour. “I’m not sick, I’m just pregnant, she specifies. Besides, it will be a very quiet tour, in theaters, so don’t panic, you should be fine.

Find the interview with Coeur de Pirate in the magazine here is, n ° 1772, of November 19, 2021.

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