"It was hard for me to be happy and choose myself": Mehr Eliezer

Marilyn Eyebrows

The model, Miss Panama 2019 and Panamanian singer, More Eliezer; she remembered the process she had to go through to accept herself as she is.

Likewise, he pointed out to people who still highlight their imperfections and do not know the “background” from all of this.

“Sometimes I see comments, highlighting my imperfections. Claiming my stretch marks, my loose skin, my cellulite, among many other things. I am human and on so many occasions I have let those comments affect me. If you have known me for a long time, you know the background of all this, and you know how much it cost me to be happy and choose myself”he stated.

On the other hand, he thanked those who send him positive messages and comments about his physique and personality.


It should be noted that after participating in the National Beauty Contest, Miss Panama, in 2019, the model decided to reveal everything she felt and what she had to live to lose weight, her struggle to accept herself, depression, frustration, among other things.

She has been applauded by many fans for saying that “There is no perfect size, there is no perfect body, there is no skin color, gender, or beauty standard”.

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