It transforms diesel cars into hydrogen and eco-friendly cars

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That’s the future”: Fernand de Sousa is convinced of this, and he is not the only one. Transforming old cars to run on hydrogen is a big step in preserving the planet.

For three years, with Transdev, a major French transporter, this entrepreneur from Hangest-en-Santerre, east of Amiens, has been imagining a prototype. And that’s it. He’s there. It exists. The elected officials of France and Navarre rush to discover “the beast”. It is currently a chassis, with a coach cabin, equipped with a hydrogen engine. “A world first”, assures this native of Amiens, who worked for twenty-one years at Goodyear. Hydrogen city buses are nothing new. What is innovative here is the distance that the coach can cover with a “full”, 700 km according to Fernand De Sousa. And the fact of using an old coach carcass. In the jargon, it’s called retrofitting, replacing old components with new ones (a term mostly used in mechanics).

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The advantage is that the Samarian has everything at hand. The activity of his company, IBF, is the purchase, sale, rental, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of public transport vehicles for France and abroad.

The Normandy Region in the starting blocks

What looks like a big car graveyard along the Amiens-Roye axis is his. “We have no firm orders”, concedes Fernand De Sousa. But negotiations are more than advanced with the Normandy Region, which wants these coaches for its Rouen-Evreux line this year.

The prototype cost one million euros according to Fernand De Sousa. ” We are committed to selling our coach for €352,000 to local authorities, without whom we cannot move forward. It’s cheaper than a new vehicle. The lifespan is fifteen years.(…) “We are solicited everywhere, even abroad. We will not be able to meet the demand “, testifies Fernand De Sousa, chagrined that the Somme – ” my country, my region – does not launch.

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