It took a lot of effort: new mom Lottie Tomlinson shows her body

Lottie Tomlinson (24) wants to give honest insights! The British TV fame became a mom in August. She diligently shows on social media how the beauty manages everyday life with her son named Lucky Burton. Their fans can also look forward to snapshots of the little man. Now, however, she brought up a different topic: Lottie spoke about her after-baby body and made a confession!

On their Instagramprofile, she shared a video of herself in a black tight one-piece suit. Lottie wanted to present her body after the birth and lost a few honest words: “I’m flaunting my postpartum body! It took me two weeks to post this but this is reality. I want to show people how I can regain my confidence.” Apparently, the sister of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson (30) did not feel 100 percent comfortable in her after-baby body. However, she is slowly getting better.

Lottie gained around 20 kilograms during her pregnancy, which is said to have scratched her self-confidence. However, her community doesn’t seem to understand her concerns. “Oh Lottieyou are beautiful inside and out” or “Always beautiful” were just two of the lovely user comments under the clip.

Instagram / lottietomlinson

Lewis Burton and Lottie Tomlinson in July 2022

Instagram / lottietomlinson

Lottie Tomlinson, influencer

Instagram/lottietomlinson, Instagram/lottietomlinson

Collage: Lottie Tomlinson shows her son Lucky Burton

Can you understand Lottie’s doubts?

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