"It starts to do well !" : Thomas Sotto currying Caroline Roux live, the sequence will make you hallucinate …

It is a sequence which certainly amused the viewers of “Télématin”. This Wednesday, November 17, 2021, Caroline Roux was able to speak with the MEP, Thierry Mariani for the interview of the “Four Truths”. Stung, the politician has pinned some media that publish polls all the way a few months before the presidential election. “Three days before the regional elections, I had three polls that gave me neck and neck with Renaud Muselier. At the exit, I lost with 17% ”, analyzed the former candidate of the National Rally in the regional elections in PACA. “I admire the media that spend their money on polls. Because when I see the reality and the way they are wrong, I tell myself that in the end you are generous. ”

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A point of view that has had the merit of appealing to Thomas Sotto. When taking over on “France 2”, the host openly teased Caroline Roux. “And stop ordering polls, huh, Caroline! It’s starting to do well!”, he thus launched while having fun in the wake of Thierry Mariani. A beautiful complicity which is a pleasure to see. At the same time, the pair formed by Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali also conquered the crowds. Last September for “Télé 7 jours”, Mayada Boulos’ companion made rare confidences about their duo.

“We saw each other at the beginning of June, at Julia’s, over a good bottle of wine. Going up the stairs, before arriving, I was a little stressed. But when I got home, I said to myself: ‘It’s good!’ ”, entrusted the presenter to our colleagues. “If we made an appointment at home, it was also because, at the beginning of June, the cafes had not yet reopened. We talked about work, but also a lot of other things. , to meet”, added Julia Vignali. A shocking duo!


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