"It seemed unbearable to me … " : Faustine Bollaert revolted by a sequence with a minor, the host curls a famous film!

Faustine Bollaert is on all fronts. This Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the journalist will be in charge of the show The times that change on France 2. This edition will highlight pedocriminality. At the same time, she will also lead a debate focused on the media which have long underestimated certain news items. For example in the 70s, the newspaper The world published a petition to defend Claude François who has had relations with minors on several occasions.
At the microphone of France Inter, France Bollaert was able to discuss the subject with Sonia Devillers. In one sequence, the host of It starts today also mentioned the title Lemon Incest by Serge Gainsbourg. The manners of the time remain in his throat. “I don’t understand that we could have been so blinded”, underlined the companion of Maxime Chattam. “It’s trying”.
In the process, Faustine Bollaert also pinned the scene of a film by Bertrand Blier which shocked her enormously. “Patrick Dewaere undressing a 14-year-old girl in a Bertrand Blier film …”, she added, specifying that the sequence had been “insupportable” to watch. “When I discovered these images, I found it completely crazy and surreal that they did not cause a general outcry and immediate reactions in all public opinion”.
In the city, Faustine Bollaert is the happy mother of two children. For Star TV last november 6, the presenter admitted that raising their awareness about child crime and sexual assault was not always easy. “I regularly ask myself this question: how to find a way to alert them without creating anxiety, nor getting them out of the world of childhood too quickly”, she analyzed to our colleagues. A concern shared by many parents …

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