It remained a secret for 22 years: Big Disney revelation now causes mixed reactions

“Lightyear” was recently released in cinemas and tells the backstory of the “Toy Story” character. A big secret is revealed.

– Warning: Spoilers for “Lightyear” follow! –

Pixar revolutionized the animation genre with Toy Story in 1995. In four films, the toys Cowboy Woody and the astronaut Buzz Lightyear were allowed to experience adventures from the boy Andy. “Lightyear” opened in theaters last week and tells the backstory of Buzz. More precisely, by his role model (Chris Evans). Because “Lightyear” is the film that Andy saw in the cinema and then bought an action figure.

Of course, the evil Emperor Zurg, archenemy of Buzz Lightyear, cannot be missing from the film. The film has now revealed who is really behind the character (via “Toy Story 2” had hinted that Zurg is Lightyear’s father. A guess that is also discussed in “Lightyear” before revealing that Zurg is actually Buzz Lightyear. As the film progresses, the character learns to actually travel to the future. This creates two versions of Buzz, with one traveling into the future, becoming extremely powerful with the technology there and ultimately becoming Zurg, and the other remaining the well-known Buzz.

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Fans are divided on the revelation

Fans are divided on whether this revelation is out of place and doesn’t quite fit into the movie, or whether it opens up a fun new perspective on the universe:

“No spoilers, it’s just… the Zurg reveal, which I didn’t even expect or want, was kind of shallow. As someone who enjoys both ‘Toy Story’ and the ‘Star Command’ series, I think they should either hint it or not touch it. It’s a very ‘Star Wars’-esque problem.”

“I disagree 100,000%. The Zurg revelation makes perfect sense. Really great movie.”

“The Zurg reveal in ‘Lightyear’ was fun.”

“The Zurg revelation was… something?”

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“Lightyear” could not convince the viewers, at least on the first opening weekend. In the USA, the film did not even reach the lowest expected box office result and in Germany it was overtaken by the comedy “The History of Mankind – Slightly Shortened”.

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