"It makes me do bullshit …" : Bastos definitively separated from Victoria Mehault, the causes of their breakup finally revealed!

In recent months, Bastos and Victoria Méhault have made their followers dream with their love story. But on October 31, the two stars announced to everyone’s surprise their separation. On the Web, the ex-companion of Illan Castronovo had expressed his dismay. Affirming to her subscribers that she had been “thrown out” because she was “not making enough effort” in Bastos’ eyes.

For his part, the main interested party assured his followers that he was still “in love with her”. A few days after their breakup, the lovebirds have yet put the cover. In Paris, the two influencers are also immortalized together. But this Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Bastos once again seized his Instagram account to announce a very sad news. Obviously the good agreement is no longer relevant. “I’ve been hoping for days, not sleeping, turning everything around in my mind and it makes me do bullshit. I don’t understand why she doesn’t speak. But that’s it all is there. I won’t talk about it anymore, ”he said in a post.

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In a video now available on YouTube, the influencer opens up more about the end of their story. “So it’s over with Victoria. We had good times and bad times, a lot of bad times. There were a lot of really hard times, especially when I wasn’t with her, when I was away. There has never been infidelity, ”Bastos analyzed in an excerpt.

According to him, the distance got the better of their relationship. “There is something that blocked when we were away Unfortunately, it led to a lot of arguments, nonsense. I even blew my van out. When we argued, I was completely obsessed with it, ”added the influencer. “I could see there was something wrong, we weren’t talking to each other. She ignored me. I did not understand”.

Madly in love with each other, Bastos and Victoria Méhault tried everything to save their couple… Without success. “It started early from the start of our relationship as soon as we were far away. She was finding things that were wrong. As soon as we were together, she didn’t blame me for it. (…) I still fell madly in love with her (…). It will be hard to move on and forget ”. As for Victoria Méhault, she let her fans know that she preferred to give herself time before expressing herself ….


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