“It makes me a little angry”: young man assures that his neighbor influencer throws very nice things in the trash

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Nikki is a young woman who lives in New York, United States. She recently informed her followers of TikTok (), who has an influencer neighbor. The girl likes the content that this person shares on social networks, but not the fact that she throws very nice things in the trash.

In the video she released, Nikki indicated that she is not sure if the Internet celebrity, who lives in the same building as her, places these items with the intention that other people pick them up or if she is simply throwing them away, although she thinks which is probably the latter because objects are usually below other objects.

“It makes me a little mad, because sometimes it’s really nice things and then those things just go to landfill.”said the young woman. Later, she showed in the recording that she had found a small bag in the influencer’s trash that, according to retails for $285.

@nikoosh96 i hate influencer culture i hate pr i have how much shit gets sent to millions of people who do not need it #rant #influencer #waste #trash #supergoop #susanalexandra @Anna Sacks / @thetrashwalker ♬ original sound ✽ niki ✽

“This is a perfectly good thing”said. “You could put ‘free’ in the lobby and someone would take it”, he added seconds later. According to the aforementioned source, several users agreed with Nikki’s way of thinking. “You are right, it is a waste and they promote excessive consumption”commented a netizen.

It should be noted that the young woman, in the description of her publication made in TikTokput the following: “I hate influencer culture, I hate PR. I have the amount of shit that is sent to millions of people who do not need it.. You can see the video without problems in this note.

What is a viral video?

A viral video It is a video that becomes popular after several people share it on the Internet through social networks, online services or specialized websites such as YouTube.

The reason why it is shared is because it causes fury and impact on the viewers who watch it, motivating them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until reaching millions of views.

How many views does it take for a video to go viral?

“For a video to be considered viral, it must be widely distributed on the web and reach a large number of views in a short time. There is no precise measure of how many views a video would have to have to be considered viral, but Business Insider did an article about it starting with the first million views.Explain .

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