It looks like L-Ghent and amazed Guido Kaczka by the similarity: the video

L-Gante He is one of the most popular characters today, due to his songs and his charisma. The singer is on a tour of different parts of the country and in each city he visits he has a long caravan of cars waiting to receive him. His great moment goes through music and this was demonstrated.

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During one of the last broadcasts of ” Welcome aboard”, Guido the Duck topped the resemblance section. Different participants sought to surprise the members of the program with their similarity to different celebrities. This time, there was one that captivated the driver, who managed to decipher it on the spot.

The participant’s tattoos, clothing and accessories were identical to the appearance of Elian Valenzuela, so there was no doubt in highlighting his image. “L-Gante keloke”, “We are always active …” and “If you let me know in five I am because you know how I am”, were some of the characteristic phrases that he replied with great precision.

When it comes to expressing yourself about your neck tattoo, as you have L-Gante, the young man explained: “I asked Elian for permission to do it.”. The truth is that the similarity surprised the driver of the cycle as well as his collaborators. A great detail to highlight is the voice, which managed to match it in its tone and way of speaking.

While jamaica’s father continues on tour, the fanaticism it generates is beginning to be noticed. This surpasses the music, since one of his followers chose to copy his image and had great success, at least on the air of the El Trece program.

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