"It is complicated", "we do not talk anymore" : Joy Hallyday makes unexpected revelations about her relationship with her nephew Cameron Hallyday

The Hallydays were once a pretty blended family. But the war on inheritance and the lawsuits opposing Laeticia Hallyday to David Hallyday and Laura Smet on the other, literally split the family into two distinct clans. A sad situation that means that Jade and Joy no longer have any contact with their brother David and their sister Laura… nor with their respective children.

In an interview with Madame Figaro in June 2021, Laura Smet, who is the mother of a little boy named Léo, said as follows: “My mission is to put my father back in his rightful place: that of the biggest French star. I would like us to talk about him again as an artist and not about the nonsense he may have committed. This misinformation I am deeply sorry for my son, but also for my father’s daughters, Jade and Joy, whom I unfortunately do not see.”

Two months later, Laeticia Hallyday evoked an outstretched hand to the eldest children of her late husband as well as an invitation for a possible reunion. Laura and David then refused to see their former mother-in-law who was saddened by the situation in the columns of Le Parisien: “We have a feeling of abandonment, my daughters no longer exist for them. I think with time things will calm down […] and I hope that one day Jade and Joy will find their brother and their sister” she asserted.

Joy talks about her nephew Cameron Hallyday on TikTok
Unfortunately, Jade and Joy no longer see Ilona, ​​Emma and Cameron, the children of David Hallyday with whom they grew up. On TikTok, a user recently let Joy know that she knew her “cousin”. To which the teenager replied that she had no cousin. “Cameron, like your nephew I don’t know…” she then outbid.

What push Joy to make revelations about her relationship with her nephew: “My nephew but today it’s complicated” he wrote in comments before adding: “It’s a bit complicated like we don’t talk to each other anymore lol”.

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