It has familiar faces: Meet the cast of On the Way to Summer

With a touching and emotional story, Summer’s Way has become an unexpected hit on Netflix. Based on the book by Sarah Dessen, the feature is already in the Top 10 in several countries. One of the film’s biggest assets is its cast – which mixes little-known actors with movie and TV stars.

“The summer before college, scholar Auden meets the mysterious Eli, who teaches her how to lead a lighter, carefree life,” states the official synopsis of The Road to Summer on Netflix.

The success of the film – which can already be compared to hits like I’m Still Here – proves the interest of Netflix subscribers for romantic stories and youth love narratives.

We’ve listed below all the main cast members of On the Way to Summer; check it out and see where you know each actor from.

Emma Pasarow – Auden

Summer’s Way is starring Emma Pasarow. In the Netflix movie, the actress plays Auden, an introverted teenager who decides to spend her summer vacation in the beach town of Colby. There, she meets the mysterious Eli, with whom she forms a touching connection.

The Netflix film represents the first major project of Emma’s career. The actress has a small role in the drama Am I Ok, released at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2022. She also appears in 3 episodes of the series Super Pumped, aired by the network Showtime.

Belmont Cameli – Eli

In Summer’s Way, Belmont Cameli plays Eli, the boy Auden falls in love with. The character suffers from trouble sleeping, and challenges Auden to live out all of his childhood dreams. In a fun journey, the characters develop a great passion.

Belmont Cameli is known for playing Jamie Spano in the remake of the teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. The actor also has supporting roles in films like The Husband and Most Guys Are Losers.

Kate Bosworth – Heidi

In Summer’s Way, Kate Bosworth plays Heidi, Auden’s stepmother. The character runs a boutique in the beach town of Colby, and does everything she can to create a deeper connection with her stepdaughter.

Kate Bosworth has a very diverse filmography, with roles in film and TV. The actress is in films like The Wave of Dreams, Life Without Limits, Superman Returns and Forever Alice. On Netflix, Kate is part of the cast of the series The I-Land.

Andie MacDowell – Victoria

The famous actress Andie MacDowell joins the cast of The Road to Summer as Victoria. The character is the mother of the protagonist Auden, who does not like the decision of her daughter to spend the holidays with her father in Colby.

Andie MacDowell began her career in the 1980s. The actress’ most notable credits include films such as Sex, Lies and Videotape; The Weather Spell and Four Weddings and a Funeral. More recently, MacDowell has starred in productions such as Magic Mike XXL and Bloody Wedding – in addition to the series Maid, where she stars opposite her daughter Margaret Qualley.

Dermot Mulroney – Robert

Dermot Mulroney joins the cast of Summer’s Way as Robert, Auden’s father. After suffering from a troubled separation, the character wants to be closer to his daughter.

Actor Dermot Mulroney, like Andie MacDowell, began his career in the 1980s. The star stands out for performances in films such as The Young Guns, Angels Enter the Field, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Family Album and Supernatural: Chapter 3. On TV, Mulroney is famous for series like Crisis, Shameless and The Purge.

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