It goes viral for confessing how much he earns a year as a stripper

A woman from Australia it has become trend of social networks What TikTok for revealing how much he earns working as a stripper, and the detail of what he receives financially impressed millions of users who were completely shocked by his history.

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Our protagonist is called Mikki All Britehave 29 years and lives in the city of Perth, with his footage piling up over 3 million views in which he shows us his spreadsheet where he puts each dollar he earns in a night of work.

“The total I earned in all this year was 98 thousand 33 dollars (…) and I want to say before everyone comes to me, yes, I have to pay taxes on those dollars. I worked a total of 83 days out of 365, which is approximately 1.8 days a week, so let’s call it twoLet’s just say I took a few weeks off.”.

And I add: “The average amount I made each night I worked was a little over a thousand, which sounds great, but the scope is huge. The worst night I had this year was 65. And the best was 3 thousand 410. So yeah, when you ask a stripper how much she makes and they say, ‘it really depends,’ they’re not kidding.”.

Normalize talking about money

BuzzFeed contacted Mikkimedium to which the woman revealed why she makes these types of videos about the industry in which she works: “I really think people should feel more comfortable talking about money and how much they make. Obviously I understand why they aren’t, but as a stripper and someone who tracks all of his income and has been doing it for as long as I have, it’s incredibly helpful to have some kind of benchmark to compare yourself to.”.

He also mentioned that there many girls who are not honest about what they earn in this job: “I’m sure there are many who fake their income to look more impressive. I wanted to show people my numbers, a more realistic idea of ​​what it is like in my country. I used my spreadsheet to back up my claims. I’m sure there are still people who might doubt me, but it’s hard to fake a spreadsheet.”.

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a lucrative business

Mikki have 8 years working as a stripperbut he is also dedicated to study, because today he is preparing to get his degree in data science and statistics: “I record my income since I started”.

He also spoke about the stigmas that exist with strippereven today: “Many believe that doing it is the last resort. That is a big mistake! Everyone I’ve danced with is rocking life. stripping is lucrativeeven when you only work a few days a week. It frees you up from a lot of time, gives you the option to start businesses, hobbies or education, if you want to do it”.

The latter allows you to give him the time due to his career: My first degree was in music technology, so I also spend some of my time writing and producing pop music about strippers. I release music under the name of Mikisentenced.

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